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It's never been easier to get your work published.

The downside to this almost instant form of self-publishing is that in the rush to get work into the market, errors creep in.

I offer an affordable service to suit your budget.

"Special thanks for your vigilance... you will be my first port of call before self-publishing next time."

Adding polish

Having a manuscript proofread usually means it is read three times and then returned to the author. That process takes time – and that’s reflected in the cost.

I offer an affordable alternative – and a more practical one. 

After an initial read, the manuscript is returned to the author. In addition to highlighting traditional typos I will also query plot issues – locations changing, characters being renamed – any inconsistencies that an author can miss during the writing, rewriting and editing of a novel.


If the author chooses, the manuscript can be returned for subsequent reads – ensuring those rewrites are checked.  

Often an author will not receive feedback until their book is published and reviewed, but I offer unbiased feedback at every stage.

I can help polish an author's work – helping it to sparkle!

"Thank you so much for the invaluable help and support with the editing – it makes such a difference."

How does it work?

I will read your manuscript and highlight any queries and inconsistencies. Using 'Track Changes' I will correct any typos.

When the document is returned, you will be able to see what I've suggested and can either accept or reject the changes.

This means that you are fully in control of your manuscript. It also means that you will have further work to do, so please allow time for this if you are scheduling a publication date.

I strongly recommend that once any changes have been made, the manuscript is set aside for a time before being reread. This may delay publishing – but it is essential that you read and reread your manuscript several times. 
I do not recommend that any author commits to publishing their work after only one read. 

Not sure how 'Track Changes' works? Click on the image to view an edited document.


Still not sure? Email me for more information.